Mini Loader - 1050mm wide 30hp

The green mini loader is a new item.

It has more hp, more lift, and grunt than most other mini loaders of its size.

It is also a rubber tack machine that gives it more grip and power in wet or muddy situations.


Required Safety Wear
Safety GlassesEar ProtectionSafety Boots
Mini Loader - 750mm wide
Mini Loader - 750mm wide
Mini Loader
Mini Loader
Weekend Hire Conditions

A $100 deposit is required on all weekend hires.

If you change your mind 48 hrs before hire a full refund applies
24 hours notice is required to move reservation to another date
Less than 24 hours you can move to another date or we keep deposit , if we manage to re hire equipment on Sat we will refund your $100.

Deposit is to be paid at time of booking

We have been in business a long time and hope to continue for a long time so we will be totally honest with you

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